Trusting and Waiting on God

Going through life we will at some point have to be met with some tough and hash times. during these times depending on what or who you believe in we always hope that things are going to get better with time.

Being a Christian I believe in trusting and waiting on God… which I found is not as easy as it looks or at least how I thought it would be. Trusting in God means just that; it means no deadlines; it means no crying out when you think you’ve reached your end; it means taking a step of faith and trusting in God’s ways; it means not giving up on God but Giving up to God.

Writing this one song comes to mind Casting Crown– Praise You in this storm.

I think if God was picking on people who He wanted to spoil I believe I made it to the list; such that when I would make a call He always came to my rescue but this time He seems to be taking particularly long… I mean really long to answer me. I have gotten to the point that I ask Him.

  • Really God?
  • Does it have to be this way?
  • Does it have to be now?

But then I remember He is the author and the finisher… I am not dead yet so that means He is not done and He is going to make everything beautiful in His own time for He is the writer of my story, your story; and He knows all the scenes and the characters that He has placed in your life.

So no matter what you are going through always remember to make your request known to Him through prayer, supplication, and thanksgiving.

Have a nice journey Trusting and Waiting on God… your victory dance awaits you.




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