Life your life for someone else

mentorship-textYOLO (You Only Live Once) is a common abbreviation  encouraging people to live there lives since we have only one life , true but have you ever stopped to think how it would be if we lived our lives for someone else? I am not saying you imitate someone else or stretch your limits trying to live like someone else; contrary to that I am saying that yo should live your life in such a way that someone else would long to live like you and not your life -mentorship-  well if you can a role model.


The beauty about mentorship is that it allows you the pleasure to see this person grow since you have a relationship with the person. whether it is at work, at church, at school, or at home. Someone is always watching whether you know it or not it is up to them to decide whether they want to follow in your footsteps or not. Being a mentor means sharing your life with the person depending on where and how you are mentoring them; let them understand that every step of your journey is important and the mistakes made are worth learning from; the successes are worth celebrating and not to be dwelt on some more victories are ahead. Mentoring means sharing your mistakes so that the mentee  will know what to do when faced with similar situations.

In my life I have several people I have looked up to, people who I too I have seen them grow people who I know, well some, where they started. One thing is for sure they are heading somewhere and I am on their heels. In my journey I tend to take each day as a learning experience, my learning curve might be steep but I know I will make it and besides some have come out of worst situations. My life today is someone else’s inspiration tomorrow and even this very moment.

I know you too owe your journey to someone else whether a role model or a mentor; so challenge yourself and become a mentor; you may not end up in the books of history but you will make it to someone’s memory who is going to pass your legacy down generations to come so may be you will end up in the books of history as a hero after all who knows.



Don’t be afraid of teaching someone because they may end up being better than you; be afraid that your skills will go to waste… those ideas that you’ve been suppressing or rejected may end up being used.


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