What if Kenya had a Family Reality TV show?

We’ve watched many reality TV shows especially Americans. Personally i am a sucker for such… I mean we’ve tried keeping up with the Kardashians, tried to learn from the Braxton family values, see how Tia and Tamera still keep their relationship despite having their lives, and what used to be one of my favorites T.I & Tiny: The family hustle … just to mention a few.

No matter your purpose for watching them whether is for entertainment, just bored and they are the only thing to watch, or just being a plain gossip the point is these women and men live their lives in the full glare of the public more than those who are considered to be at par with them.
Now the Kenyan case is interesting just asking which of our public figures or celebrities and their families would like to take part? Whether they are provided with a script or not.
As Africans and humans i value my privacy a lot and any update that i feel is important to let you know I post it on social media and thats the far as it can get. I mean i can imagine cameras being around me 24/7 for whatever period and still give you a brief of what happened when i was away.
Its enough having paparazzi following you everywhere trying to get a thing or two about your life of which 90% is negative. So if you are tired of being stalked just invite them in… Just saying 🙂 B-).
Although it would be interesting to have one and see how Kenyans will react.

Whose family would you like to have their own reality show?

But are we ready for it?

Great Friday and Blessed weekend ahead.


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