Be an Inspiration


What is your inspiration?

What inspires you?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Common questions you may find interviewers asking their interviewees; who are likely to be artist, whether it is a musician, a chef, a photographer, an architect, a writer, a fashion designer or any other artist… this is an important question as it makes the audience, listener, reader, and the interviewer understand why and what they do.

Most of us if not all we have people who we look up to and those of us who don’t at some point did look up to someone for inspiration. So what is inspiration? it is simply influencing someone’s thinking. Most of us when feeling down or when going through a rough patch we always look for some motivation, something to keep us going; we run to our religious book or inspirational books, while some of us run to the Internet to look for quotes. Personally I think that the best place to get inspiration from is from people in the little things that they do everyday, in the little conflicts that they handle, and in the little way that they bring change to the world.

I must confess that every weekend I look forward to watching the Survivor Series on KTN, Weekend Prime, not because it is a segment on the news that I watch but because I know that every week I have a new story to challenge me to make do with the little that I have and make me appreciate my world as it is.

I admire the people who are an inspiration to others because being an inspiration is a great responsibility; I mean it is hard enough to make yourself admirable enough for someone to look up to you, to have the guts to make mistakes, correct them, and live with the consequences.

Inspiration doesn’t have to have a rags to riches or from grace to grass and back story attached to it. Inspiration comes from the little thing we do, from how we carry ourselves each day, from offering sound advice, to simply offering a listening ear when needed. Some of us are an inspiration to someone we just don’t know it yet. So what exactly does it take to be an inspiration to someone?How to be an Inspiration. 

For me I am inspired by a lot of people in my life, my parents, my siblings and cousins, friends, and people I work with and I have worked with especially women; because I love seeing myself in them years to come. But I have decided to challenge myself and that is becoming an inspiration myself there is no need to wait when I am aged to start telling my story so that I can inspire someone… why wait while I can write and tell that story today… I have decided to be that person that today I will tell someone that I was where you are or worse off but I made it through and so can you.


Live your life the fullest inspire someone today..

Aspire to Inspire before you Expire”

……Thank you for stopping by…

—be blessed —



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