My Beloved Africa



I hear they say things about you bad, sad things, My Beloved Africa things that bring tears to my eyes; why do they keep on saying that about the place I call Home?

They say that you are backward, they call you the dark continent; all I hear them say is your children are always at war, your children always massacre each other (if not one country it is another), your children choose bad leaders; who are more preoccupied with accumulating wealth and becoming more powerful rather than leader your children to better days; I hear them say that your children and their leaders are corrupt. They say you are underdeveloped, but wait my beloved Africa don’t they play part in your underdevelopment?

My beloved Africa your children left your land to go and get an education, some of them came back well others; they opted to say back there since you don’t have much to offer them yet you do.

My beloved Africa I hear them say that your children die of hunger yet your soil is rich and fertile good enough to produce food for your children.

What really breaks my heart my Beloved Africa is that they don’t talk about your rich culture, resources, your children’s diversity, your great tourist attraction sites and features, the quite unique yet outstanding fashion, the minerals you poses, your unique yet timeless music, your beautiful art, and the good food that your land produces to feed your children.

When I hear talk of your rich resources all I hear is how your children; led by their leaders fight over who will control it rather that finding out how it can benefit them and their neighbors. When I ask about your diversity all I hear is your children are at war; one community against the other or one religion against the other… so much bloodshed and loss of life my beloved.

When I ask about your land, rich soil, and food all I hear is they can’t even produce enough to feed themselves let alone make a surplus to exchange with their neighbors, that is why they depend on us. I wonder my beloved Africa your soil is so  rich and you have able and intelligent children who can make the most of what is available to them; so where are we going wrong as your children Africa my love?

To make matters worse when your children speak the leaders they chose… do not listen to them. I wonder what they do I guess they are too busy listening to themselves or maybe they have bigger problems that they cannot take care of your children’s affairs.

Africa my love maybe if your children look back and see your beauty, diversity, and wealth they will stop making you soak with the blood of your children and start dancing to their own music.

…..Let us Remember our brothers and sisters in CAR, South Sudan, Nigeria, DRC, and any war torn country in Africa that they may stop fighting against one another and join Africans in building Africa.

Let us see Africa for how beautiful she really is…

Let us change history as we know it today.

…..Thank you for Stopping by…








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