counting my blessings



So what is really a blessing?

Is it a miracle? A blind man receiving his sight? The lame man walking or a deaf man getting to hear for the first time?

Is it waking up in the morning and receiving a phone call that you have won a lottery, a car or a house…. finding out that  a friend, family member, or some random person has brought a house, a car, paid for your holiday to that place you have been longing to go to.

Whatever a blessing is to you; I’m sure it is not the same for everyone… for someone somewhere it is having 1000 followers on intstagram or twitter or 1000 likes on their facebook page… no matter what you take a blessing to be it won’t be the same for you, your sister, your brother or your friend.

A blessing is the ability to take note of the little yet huge things that happen in life… life in itself is a miracle, the ability to wake up is a blessing, the ability to use all my sensory and motor organs is a blessing, the gift of family is a blessing, the gift of children-who I don’t have but I play mother figure or I have witnessed them grow up- is a blessing, having friends; they make sure I have something to keep me going everyday whether I am happy, sad, when I need company or just someone to talk to is a blessing, the gift of siblings; the annoying but still defensive and funny brothers and my outspoken yet shy sister is a blessing.

The ability, to write, express, and share my thoughts with you is a blessing… the list is so long to put up in one post; my point is we have a miracle everyday in our lives we just never take note of… these small blessings that we witness daily accumulate one day to become a great miracle one day and that… is greatness to me.

Earlier this week I happen to meet a friend of mine who I had last seen about a year ago and the first thing he tells me is “You look happy” and I thought to myself “wow” “really???” I thought I look as good as I looked yesterday or at least when you saw me last but I said to him that it is the greatness and the grace of God that I can afford a smile today. To me the greatest blessing in my life is to share the goodness and the greatness of God in my life with someone else to become a blessing.

My life today is not my own doing but His work.

So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.

Zechariah 4:6

So when counting your blessings today don’t forget to tell God ” thank you for life, family, friends, ability to use all my sensory and motor organs, thank you for health.”


Do not say it as a by the way; it is in those small yet relevant things today that God blesses you and your miracle is realized.

I am blessed today to be a blessing to someone”


……Thank you for stopping by….


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