Owning and appreciating Our productions

While I do appreciate the growing and thriving African entertainment industry; especially the film industry. I still got some qualms about some of the content being aired… yes they are African but we do not own them; I mean they are produced and the cast is African to some extent but not the concept. what I am trying to say is why don’t we get our original ideas; think of it as something that someone has never come up with so… invent and not improve on what someone has already thought of.

When writing this I have some shows in mind; we have watched well some of us have watched Africa’s Next Top Model; An African City; the yet to premier, Desperate Housewives Africa; Project fame or Idol Africa, don’t know what happened to that.

Well I do understand that Africa’s Next Top Model has to some degree conform to its  mother show America’s Next Top Model but I am sure that there is more the show can do more  than just look for the “best” model or Africa’s “Top” model I believe that the show is the best platform to sell the best of what Africa can offer; its culture, tourism, and beautiful sceneries. The show had participants from from  Angola, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, and Uganda.These countries have so much to offer yet they made South Africa the main destination for its shoots -although I understand that the sponsors could do just enough to take the shoots to these destinations- anyway here is the real deal in the premier episode the models were to do a shoot with their country’s flag; my opinion they could have gone further to ask the girls have something with them that represent their country of origin. But all is not lost we get to have our own Tyra Banks; since basically the script reads from America’s Next Top Model, and cycle 2 is coming up so hoping to see what it has to offer.

 So Sex and the City is in Africa; well it is  An African City but the concept is almost the same; single women and their take on sex. However this one is particularly interesting as it provides us with what a single lady in Africa has to deal with from a “returnee’s” perspective. The show is basically about five single ladies who return to their motherland after many years of living in the west and adopting the Western culture and now they comeback to Africa and have to deal with what is expected of them as an African woman whether in dating or marriage; it also deals with the stereotypes that other cultures have of the African Culture. what I love most about this show is the show of culture in every way they could from the language, expectations, and my best the fashion; I must give a thumbs up to the person who did the wardrobe for the show, there is no episode that didn’t have a the showcase of how versatile African fashion is. The first season is over but I’m soo looking forward to season 2


What I’m looking forward to watch is Desperate Housewives Africa hoping that it won’t be a copy of the original Desperate Housewives telling stories of Africa’s Wistreria Lane housewife and not an African housewife; I know we’ve got diverse cultures but the story is based in Nigeria so I guess that should be quite easy to do. So lets just wait and see.


Since we “borrow” so much why can’t we borrow the X-factor or America’s Got talent and give it an African taste; I believe that Africa’s Got talent too yet to be exploited…

I love what Coke has done with Coke studio Africa; making us experience African music in a different way… I mean the music that I would rather not listen or rarely listen to I found myself listening and looking forward to the next episode… I guess fussing music does give it a different sound. I am also looking forward to season two and many more of Coke Studio Africa I believe it will be better that the first.

To some extent I do not blame the lack of creativity but the lack of appreciation for our talent, creativity, and content. We all get excited at the announcement or launch of a new show but as soon us season two is announce we start losing interest and watch less and less and eventually the show is taken off air for poor viewership or low ratings; I guess that is why they never announce when a season ends another starts.

I guess it is the case of the Biblical prophet not being accepted in his own hometown.

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