I am your customer please serve me

customer-serviceYou must be wondering why I am saying please yet it is my right to be served; I shouldn’t be pleading for service that I have paid for or subscribed to; at times before you subscribe or buy the product a lot of persuasion is involved in making you buy whatever is being sold; whether it is via an advertisement on electronic media, print media, or online media; a salesperson walking to you in the supermarket, the streets, or coming to your office or place of work; a person asking you to have a taste of their product. Question is:

why is there a disconnect between the interest shown when trying to convince you to buy or subscribe to a service and the customer support later on when you actually need them to talk to you or attend to you?


to be served is my /your right but some service providers tend not to think so to them “your service worth is directly proportional to the money you have or look like or sound like you have.” after all you are just one customer of the many that we have so losing you won’t have an impact on our business.

My experience over the past few days has taught me the value of customer service… good customer service. Customers are a huge part of any business and the customer service is the make or break of any business.

some of us if not all have at some point experienced bad customer service; if not in a restaurant being served something that you had not ordered and no apology is made; in the supermarket where one of the goods  you bought isn’t packed and when you go back and ask for it you are told nothing of that sort was ever returned yet you’ve got a receipt to prove it; taken something for repairs, asked to come back after a certain time and it’s not repaired, and no one is bothering to tell you why; or calling customer care, it doesn’t go through the first 20 times you try and when you finally get through you are told to hold, that your case is being looked into-which by the way when you call back its the same thing over and over; the list is endless maybe you can add your experience at the end of this post  😉

I understand that at times we do get customers from hell regardless of that fact a customer is a customer whether he or she is from heaven, or is heavenly sent.

A customer is always right

communication is Very important when it comes to customer relations. One of the people I have worked with told me “always respond to a client’s communication no matter how busy you maybe whether it is just to say “received or noted” Communicating back to a client shows that you do care about them and the business they bring.” Communicating to and with a customer effectively will foster a relationship with them and that will grow your business eventually.

Personally if I am your client (definitely I have my own expectations) and you are having difficulties delivering what I have requested or asked of you; I prefer to be informed in good time rather than keep me waiting creating a lot of anxiety and frustrations.

And remember in this age of social media you might end up in the wrong side of the law (customers) and I am sure you don’t want to lose your other loyal customers.

to know the value of good customer service ask a business which has shutdown due to lack of customers


please share your experience with me here…

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4 thoughts on “I am your customer please serve me”

  1. I really like your question about the disconnect in interest between marketing and customer service. Companies spend so much to gain customers only to have that investment undone by poor customer service. They will continue treating their customers badly until their competition provides a better alternative–then their customers will hold them accountable by going elsewhere, even if the prices are higher. By that time their reputation may have suffered so much damage that they cannot recover and they end up shutting the doors.

    What to do? If you are a customer-facing employee and you want your company to succeed, then do your job well! If you are a manager, then create conditions where your employees know that treating customers well is the best thing to do.

  2. Thanks for reading…
    I concur with you that it starts with how managers treat their employees and inturn the employees will pass on the same treatment to their customers.
    saving businesses a lot of money and customers too.

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