Accepting the will of God

indexI recently met a friend of mine who was finishing university, for anyone who has been there before knows it comes with a lot of uncertainties and not knowing what is going to happen or what is in store for you; we all have an idea of what we would like but uncertain of how to get there. So this friend of mine asks me How I have been and I tell him that I am well and alive thanks to the will of God and there he goes numb and finally says

I’m afraid of the will of God and where it will lead me

How many of us find ourselves in such situations especially when going through difficult times?

How easy is it to lose trust and faith in God when all is not rosy?

The will of God will never take you to where His grace is not sufficient.

There is my will and there is God’s will.

In My will everything goes is perfect, all goes well according to plan but then there is God’s WillIn God’s will things will happen a planned.  Problem is in My Will we never involve God and ask Him what His will is and let Him take lead. At times what you desire is what He will fulfill but in His time but we have to ask Him for direction Proverb 16:9.

How many of us do actually remember to thank God for our present situation for what we have rather than what we don’t. If we don’t thank Him for what we have now then how will we thank Him once He has fulfilled what He promised or the desire that we have in our hearts. No matter how bad things are always remember to tell God “thank you” it is the only way to realize your victory when it comes.

Sometimes we assume that every bad thing comes from the devil and every good thing is from God… good or bad God always has a purpose.

Let us just imagine what if Mary had said God “I do not want to bare the savior of the world because I am young and engaged I am afraid of being rejected” instead she said “Be it unto me”

Accepting the will of God is the hard especially when all you see is darkness and no light at the end of the tunnel. During such times it’s really hard to say “Lord let Your will be done.”

Instead of fighting the will and asking God “why me” “Why now” why don’t we learn to say thank you and let your will be done. Remember there is no testimony without a test and there will never be a victory without a war.

God always has a way His will, will always prevail no matter how bad things look now. He knows where we are going…

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