Good employee engagement= Good customer service

For any company or business to survive it needs to have good customer service whether you are a manufacturing company, a supplier or simply service provider. Do you, as a manager or business owner stop to think about the most important people in your company apart from your customers or consumers and how you impact or inspire them?


Employees are important part of the whole process starting from the production or thought process to the consumer who is the recipient. Employees are stakeholders of your company or business therefore due process should be followed when engaging them.

The best way to engage employees just like any other stakeholder in your organization is by communicating with them but do not forget to use other incentives. After all, apart from your marketing team your employees are your best marketers followed by your customers who will base their judgment from the service they receive from your employees. Good communication lays a good foundation for the success of the organization. Poor communication creates an atmosphere of uncertainty and vacillation in the workplace. By effecting strategic communication practices in place, employees feel more motivated and committed to the organization. It is crucial to consider the message when formulating its content as employees are likely to be concerned with what affects them.

It is one thing to communicate to employees about the organization’s policies and culture but its another for the employees to actually understand it and communicate how they feel about it. Understanding how employees feel about the organization’s culture will help you improve on your communication strategy and in turn your customer service and customer engagement

Give regular customer service training to your employees, understanding your employees personalities especially those in direct sales and customer service are the ones handling the clients. Make these training sessions more of a brainstorming session where employees exchange ideas on how to improve customer service and increase sales. Integrating these ideas into your communication and sales strategies will make your employees feel like they are making a contribution towards the growth of the organization and are an important part of the organization.

Some employees do not feel comfortable when engaged in the work place. For best results you can find a more relaxed setting to engage with them.

The point of having employee engagement is finding out who fits where best and how the employees feel about the organization and their jobs; after learning more about your employees then you can strategize on how best to communicate with them on how to handle clients and customers. There many incentives one can use to engage his or her employees. Engaging them ensure that they are carrying the best image of the company beyond the work place. The better engaged the employees are the better customer service they will offer.


Employee engagement is a two-way street; the employee and employer must be willing to meet in the middle to achieve success.


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