Learning to forgive

We are not born with the knowledge of how to forgive; we have to learn to how to do this right from the time we are children. sometimes our guardians “teach” us the process but that is no guarantee that we will become “forgiving people” if I may call it that.


Forgiveness is a process that we have to learn to undertake on our own since no one tell you when someone is likely to wrong you; from the little pet peeves that we experience every day, to those that you’ve actually told someone or someone already knows yet they do them, to the ones that are actually huge and take us time to forgive or actually hold a grudge against someone for the rest of our lives. From growing up we learn to forgive slowly from someone hitting you in school to that favorite uncle or auntie of your’s who promises to come for you next time but that next time never comes around; to actually being disappointed by that one friend you counted on so much but falls short, the list is endless. Learning to forgive the little prepares us to forgive the “big” that awaits us later on in life.

Growing up you learn that forgiving someone takes more than just saying “it is okay” or “I have forgiven you”  at times we have to rely on someone else probably someone who has been there before to help you through it or give you their own experience of how they went about it. You learn that forgiving someone isn’t about just forgiving them but forgiving yourself. you learn how to live life with an open mind What you may be going through isn’t the end another challenge is yet to face you.  You learn who to let in your life and you to let go. You learn how to strengthen your faith in God.

Let us be honest some situations are just too much to handle; the grace and guidance from above comes in handy through out the process.

Unforgiveness is a cancer that eats up our relationships. you may be close to your sister or have a bestfriend but because he or she wronged you but has never apologized probably they don’t even know they actually wronged you.  To learn to forgive you’ve got to learn how to address a situation once it arises; learn to speak up when wronged, and learn to ask apologize yourself … You can’t expect someone to ask for forgiveness from you yet you don’t know how to apologize yourself… learn to lean on God, He is the best teacher to teach you and me how to forgive.

I once heard an ad on radio:

I will forgive but I will remember the names just in case.

Don’t know how much water that holds 🙂

So learn to forgive today and live a happier, open, friendlier,stress free, and most importantly peaceful(there is no peace without forgiveness) life. Though there is no manual for that; it is one of those things that “life teaches you.”


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