7 Principles of the Eagle


The eagle is a bird of its kind,a leader in its pack.All men who seek extraordinary achievements liken themselves to the eagle.He is swift,with an acute sense of focus that most of us lack.Learn from the eagle,know his ways,let Him teach you to fly the heights of the heavens.


Eagles are lonely birds,they do not fly in flocks.When you decide to leave the ranks  of the pigeons,when you decide to pursue a life of greatness,you must  understand that its going to be lonely up there.When you choose to fly in the altitude of the eagle,the birds that you meet will also be eagles.Like begets like.These eagles will inspire your spirit of progress  and vision.


No animal in the entire animal kingdom has the vision of an eagle.It has double sight but one vision.Eagles can see five miles away in details.It is aware…

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