Being Disciplined

For the past weeks I have been thinking about discipline and what it really takes to get there and I came to the conclusion that: to be disciplined it takes either of these two:


  1. sacrifice: to give up something valued for the sake of other considerations.
  2. obedience:Compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another’s authority
  3. a combination of both.

When you sacrifice something you do it out of your own will while in obedience you are guided by some form of rule or authority.

when you sacrifice that is what we can call self- discipline while when you obey you eventually get to the point of having self-discipline.

when you obey there is a definite reward or punishment while in sacrifice there is a reward that comes in form of fulfilment that whatever you are denying yourself has finally paid off but in some cases there is regret and some feeling of “I wish I knew.” because whatever it is that you did didn’t go as you thought it would.

In the world there are things, people, or authorities that create or make rules for us to obey but personally there are things that “make rules for us”:

  1. The body: the body has a weird way of communicating with us when we do not obey it; we might become sick or just experience pain.
  2. The heart: I honestly do not get this but anyway, some song tell us to “listen to your heart” and another “the heart is not so smart.” this mostly comes into account when faced with a situation that has to do with who and what you love… the heart with it’s own rules will tell you what to do and we at times obey it.
  3. The spirit: I guess this is what we call the gut feeling; mostly guided by our religious views. This comes in to play when faced with life’s questions just like the heart only this time we question “our” value system and our spirituality.

When sacrifice and obedience meet then discipline comes naturally since you aren’t really obligated to do anything per se. Especially when we really want something that eventually becomes a need; we need both e.g. when we want a healthy body we have to stick to eating healthy, exercising, and doing activities that help us keep it healthy e.g. avoiding stress (obedience) and deny ourselves some thing and activities that might compromise us (sacrifice).

Neither obedience nor sacrifice is easy both require a lot of self control and character(though I do understand that character can be as a result of sacrifices we make and our obedience). Both are a choice since we may or may not be aware of the consequences.

Discipline is deciding what you want -no matter the path you took to get there- and sticking by it until you see the results.

Remember that always obedience is better than sacrifice so: listen, observe, and learn. #Staydisciplined.


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