Working from inside out(30 days later)

Every journey starts with a single step well mine started with a weighing scale. One day I decide let me face my fears that I’m losing weight at rather an alarming rate, so yes my fears were confirmed I had cut down some kilos since I last weighed but my BMI was within range although given like two months I would have started to look like someone who is suffering from an eating disorder something I do not want to imagine and I am sure none of you would.

with that I decided that I needed to get me back, get my metabolism, skin, and health back (I was prone to getting sick from time to time). I started looking around then I met Casey Ho and her lovely blog: Blogilates and her YouTube channel Cassy Ho Blogilates in her blog I found people who were battling ED not that I was but I guess most people thought I was and had overcome it.

Basically my primary goal was to add a little bit of weight atleast my bones will stop showing but then again I asked myself what next after that, I was likely to go back to the same or worse start battling the weight that would be life threatening later on, but one week later what I noticed was that I was getting much more than I had bargained for.

As expected staring out was a struggle; I had to deal with the aches, my brothers making fun of me (though later on they started being supportive), not really knowing what to eat, and waking up.

now 30 days later this is what I have to show for it

  • I actually wake up looking forward to my morning workout and start of my day: there is something about being active in the morning that activates your mind and puts you in a good mood.
  • my water intake has increased: I never used to take water before noon (I wake up make sure I do take water before starting to workout) and I guess I used to take only a litre per day.
  • I eat more: I eat more fruits (paying off improving my skin) and I try to make sure I have a balanced diet in every meal.
  • I am healthier: I thank God I haven’t had a cold in the 30 days no matter how much I got rained on.
  • I am experimental: I try to be creative in things that I do which includes meals and my dressing.
  • I sleep better: If you suffer from insomnia or something like that start working out, your’ll enjoy your bedtime.

I may not be having an exercise regiment (I do have a favorite workout though; leg roll up) but I don’t think I need one I just need to make sure I work every muscle of my body is worked out, and still no diet just eating right.

It hasn’t been easy so far broken a few rules but what is exercise without discipline?

Well along the way I did face challenges but the most outstanding one will be developing some pain under my ribs two weeks into it however the pain did subside with time.

what I have learnt so far…

Having to exercise takes a lot of discipline, sacrifice, and obedience.

  •   sacrifice: you have to sacrifice the comfort of feeling your legs, or any other muscles, giving up some foods, and giving up some habits.
  •   obedience and discipline: most of us who start working out it is out of self will, obey that self will and keep that discipline

It takes patience to see results.

You get to grow not just in strength but also your spirituality.

Take up the challenge today for a better you!!!

Do share with me your experience here….

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