Don’t worry be happy


Why worry when you can pray? trust Jesus He will be your stay

I love this song especially when I am down.

I must confess I have been guilty of so many things but one  “guilt” thing that has stood out for me over the past few weeks is worry, anxiety, or simply that feeling that you get wondering if anything will go wrong or right and you can’t keep your mind off it. Most of the time when we worry we worry if something will go wrong but never anticipate for it going right.

  • we are all guilty of worry at some point of our lives may be all the time even when things are right we worry about how long things are going to last. Have you stopped to ask yourself in the midst of your worry what this worry is doing to you?
  • is it making you healthier?
  • is it making you sleep better or depriving you of that peace of mind that you require at the end of your day?
  • is it making you productive?
  • are your relationships better?

The answer to all these questions is “No.”

Well I’m not saying that worry is bad sometimes being worried is good for you; I usually say that the best of things were discovered and done when someone was down or going through something…the best of art, music, designs that tell a story have a “worry” or a sad story behind it at times it comes out post that phase and the outcome is beautiful.

Phillipians 4:6 tells us not to worry but to give thanks, yes people being thankful does work… at times we worry so much that we forget what we have been blessed with when giving thanks we realize how many times God has come through for us that worry didn’t.images

There is  part of the Lord’s prayer says Give us our daily bread it doesn’t say give us bread for tomorrow or the next 10 years.

Matthew 6:25-34 tells us to trust in God for to Him we are more important than the birds of the air and the grass in the field. You are precious to God so why not give up your worries to Him. I’m sure He will attend to you, you are important to Him after all.

Worry is a disease and yeah it  does kills may be not directly but  it eventually does…So today try not to worry and be happy.


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