Working from inside out (60 days later)

The journey continues but like any other journey there are hitches that is what happened to me in my 30 days journey. There are no easy results but despite everything we’ve got to keep moving.

  • First I was sick for a week so I had to stop working out for that week; going back to it felt like starting all over but after a few days I was back.
  • My pain shifted from my right side to the left side so I had to go easy on my left side.
  • Finally I had a bad case of pimples on my face (hormone! always having a mind of their own) but thank God for rose water and lemon juice; a super remedy (Will talk more about this in another post).

All in all, the good and the bad some lessons have been learnt, and yes I found new favorites,yes roll ups are still one of my best but no harm in adding more favorites:

The roller squat and the burpee

Always remember a good diet and water (Staying hydrated) is key in this journey or any beauty journey you would like to take.

I have added two Kgs so far one step at a time to my goal weight.

I have noticed some results; getting a flatter belly although still struggling with my lower abs Help me Lord!!!

One important lesson learnt in September is that sometimes being put out of your comfort zone is a new way to discover your new strength and learn more about yourself.

New project: finally want to start a healthy relaxed hair journey- so anyone with good tips out there be free to share.

see you in 30 days to see how good or bad I’m doing and may be I will start sharing pictures.

My birthday month is here!!!! Thank you God for Your, Love, grace, mercies, always having a plan though at times looks so dark I can’t see the end of the tunnel.

—Thank you for stopping by and reading—




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