It’s too much to take

We all have been in a place where everything is okay, everything is going well until we forget the one person who makes all this possible and that is our God. I am talking about comfort yess!!! sometimes we get so comfortable that it becomes boring forgeting that at some point we were in a uncomfortable situation that we longed for the now boring comfortable place we are in.

Lets talk about that time, the time when you were so uncomfortable that you couldn’t make much of the world around you, the time when giving up was nothing but the only option, the time when to some may have looked like the dead are better off, the time that you could justify coveting your neighbor’s situation (Never do that by the way you don’t know there process where they’ve been or what is ahead of them), the time when desperation and depression were such beautiful brides accompanying you to the aisle of despair.

We’ve all been there and if not we are somehow bound to get there. but, have you ever thought about the beauty that comes from these situations? for one I know you love this new person that you become, the conquer in you, the horse in you that lives to fight another day, the inspiration that comes out of it, and many others. This week on Tuesday I was listening to Hope for Today by Pastor Jon Courson on Hope Fm and there he was talking about the story of David after God had left Saul making Saul angry to the point that he wanted to kill David; Pastor Jon said something that caught my attention considering what I was going through at the time, that

before God uses a wo/man He must hurt them deeply.

dreamstime_xs_18313561-resized-600 (1)

Your “discomfort” today is not in vain God is preparing you for something greater than you think about this if Joseph was not in imprisoned where he met Pharaohs chief baker and chief cupbearer  and interpreted there dreams later on interpreting Pharaohs dreams he wouldn’t have become the governor. No matter where you are today or what you are going through God will place people in your path that will help you out.The cupbearer and the Baker

Take this time of discomfort to grow your character, your relationship with others, and with God otherwise you will never learn and it will end up being a phase you are going through and not part of the process to making you better, an inspiration, a role model, and a mentor.

Remember when you are past it and comfortable again don’t forget to thank God always you will never know what you are yet to meet.

Gold cant be purified without heat, stand the heat.

–Thank you for stopping by–

be blessed



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