Are you a Ruth or a Naomi?

Over the past few days I have been going through the book of Ruth and this time not just reading it as another passage in the Bible. I wanted to understand why God had to share their story with us and what He is trying teach us today.

First we meet Naomi and her family who leave Bethlehem (when there is famine in the land) to go to Moab; what Naomi thought would be a reprieve for her and her family ended up bring her pain as she ended up losing her husband and both her sons after a 10 year stay. Lucky enough the sons had gotten married sad thing is none of them had a child bring more misery to Naomi who had no one to continue her family line. Time came when she finally decides it is time to go back home to Bethlehem, here is where we meet Ruth who despite not knowing what is ahead of her she is more than willing to accompany Naomi to Bethlehem. On getting to Bethlehem both Naomi and Ruth are in need of a redeemer who we will later meet; Boaz who is Naomi’s husband kin. It took a lot of work and some tact but in the end both are relieved as Boaz becomes the redeemer.

Just like Naomi and Ruth we too need a redeemer and that is Jesus, question is:

Are you Ruth or Naomi?

  • Naomi: Are you bitter and angry with God for things happening to you, do you blame God for everything that you go through instead of letting Him do His God thing and we obey it. Of course we can understand Naomi’s situation, who would be happy after losing everything you have and where you want to go back to there is nothing waiting for you just gossip from those who do not know what you have been through. She actually wanted to be called Mara (Bitter) and not Naomi (pleasant) when she set foot in Bethlehem.
  • Ruth: The one who doesn’t know God but trusts that He is there and He is in charge. The one who is hungry for Him and not angry at Him. despite the fact that you don’t know Him you are willing to leave everything behind and find true rest in Him.
  • Are you both? what I would like to call Ruth-Naomi: You do not know God (yes you could have heard about Him) and you still are angry at Him when the roses in your life do not blossom.

Whoever you are remember that Mungu anakujali (God cares for you) and what He needs from you is knowing that you are willing to know Him just like Ruth or just like Naomi you can take the first step. Eventually your story will change.


Stay blessed.

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