The Quater Century

I always tell myself that I am not lucky I am blessed and if I am blessed why don’t I brag about it? but wait why not thank God instead of bragging because he who gave you whatever you are bragging about can take it way. So today I chose to say thank you, thank you to the God almighty who before I was born He sanctified me, before I got to where I am today He put the right people in my path who are my destiny sharpers.


He put the right situations and circumstances in me so that I may learn how to deal with them and become the person I am today, sometimes He put me through them to remind me that He is still God, the author and finisher of this beautiful story book that is my life.

I know I am still a work in progress and I have so much to go through, achieve, inspire someone, and fulfill my purpose on earth. The journey thus far wouldn’t have been possible with out your generous contribution, without you being a parent, without you being a sister,or brother, without you being a friend, without you being a listening ear, or without you praying for me.

Thank you God for answering my special prayer… You truly are the God of miracles.

Thank you for making my life the quarter century that it is has been.

images (3)

For you who is reading this and giving me feedback in some way thank you for inspiring me to write more.


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