Beauty lies in the kitchen

I’ve have so far heard these two infamous quotes about beauty:
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (or the comical version Beauty lies in the eye of the beer holder) and one I came across recently abs are made in the kitchen. Well what that simply means that what you eat or ingest is what is reflected on the outside i.e. your skin and muscles. No person in their right mind will put themselves in harms way knowingly so make a conscious choice and decide to have a beautiful healthy you with the little that you have and can get access to. Being healthy means having a wonderful mood and relating better with those close to you and by extension make more friends.
There is a lot in our kitchens or at least we put in our kitchen that can make or break our skin, muscles and eventually our health. Having that beautiful skin that every one envy’s and admires doesn’t mean breaking the bank it means trying to do with the little you have to make great impact. My go to tip for beauty in the kitchen is:


  • WATER!!!!: I can’t over emphasize water is important and your best friend when it comes to beauty it does clean your inside and outside.
  • Balanced diet: Various foods work differently to not just give us beautiful skin but also help us fight diseases and prevent some thus keeping us healthy

Sometimes we have hormones that mess us up but thank God for natural DIYs. Keep it here for DIYs that I have personally tried for my hair and face.

Stay beautiful and healthy.


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