The Gift in Giving

I am one person who has always struggled when it comes to giving.I admit that previously I was not faithful when it comes to tithing but as time went by and I started studying about tithing I came to understand that the 10% of what I earn in anyway belongs to God and I should give it back to Him. When I understood that I started being faithful in my giving such that when I am budgeting the first thing that comes to mind is tithe and I kid you not God too has been faithful in His blessings to me I never lack not even when I am in panic mode and think that I am not going to make it but God has His ways and always makes everything work out eventually.


When it comes to giving I struggle worst when it comes to giving to beggars on the streets due to views I hold personal but about three weeks ago my view of this changed. I had gone to buy something in Uchumi Supermarket along Aga Khan walk there is a blind man along that street who sings and people drop their coins in his hands but that is not what moved me what really moved me is the fact that after him singing and praising God he goes ahead and actually prays for these people who are giving to help him support his family. To you who usually passes by him or any other beggar who does the same all you are doing is giving a beggar but what he gives you back is worth more than the few shillings you have dropped there you might have been worried about something but a few days later God helps you through it and it is a prayer answered it not your prayer but the prayer of a blind man on the streets. You see it is through you giving that God blesses you indirectly through someone’s prayer over you.

But giving to God is not just about giving your tithes or part of your produce; God wants more than that He needs you and him to spend quality time together. Do not make the quality time about crying out to Him when things go wrong make the quality time about you telling Him how much you love Him, How grateful you are to Him, and praising Him no matter where you are. The gift He gives back to you peace that surpasses all understanding, strength to weather the storm, joy and not happiness for happiness is short lived but joy lasts for a lifetime, and many other things that I can’t state here.

Take it upon yourself today and give and you shall receive.


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