Being judged by the colour of your skin

We’ve always known that black people have suffered the greatest form of racism in history; this has made many of us and some celebrities to go to the extent of bleaching themselves to become more beautiful and acceptable. We all know the sad story of Micheal Jackson(May God rest his soul) and how he started falling apart due to trying to make himself “white”

But what happens when you are discriminated against because you are Light skinned??? Yes it does happen especially to those who are thought to be blacks but do not look like it. I am a fan of the American twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry as fate would have it they would end up marrying a black man and a white man. Tamera who married a white man unfortunately faced backlash as to why she got married to a white man and being told that she is not “black” enough.

Light Girls a documentary on light skinned African-Americans will give you a different perspective of things.

we do experience colourism here to the only difference is that we prefer Light skinned people that those who are dark or lie in between. We tend to judge ourselves by how “light” or “Dark” we are. No matter what skin color you are, embrace it… God created you that way and you are beautiful/handsome the way you are; colour doesn’t define you, your character does.

It is the 21st Century we should be more open and acceptable of each other than ever but we are still not there yet.


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