Do not lose sight of the greater vision for the big dream

As humans beings we tend to worry to much about the future OK not really we worry about the next day or next week or the next year.
So many times I have heard this phrase “is what you are going through going to matter in the next few years?” While in our moment of distress we comfort ourselves by saying no but I think it will matter you see what you are going through will matter in future it will matter because your current status will determine who will become in future in terms of the decisions you will make.
It will matter because years down the line you will need a testimony not to others but to yourself too.
It does matter; to be honest we sometimes need encouragement but sometimes it is never forthcoming from neither friends nor family but what best way to encourage yourself than saying “if I made it out of that then God will surely take me through this”
God always has a plan for us but at times His plan seems to be taking too long to come to pass. Let us look at Joseph in the Bible known to be the dreamer; let us look at this from the time he was young Joseph knew he was meant for greatness with his brothers bowing to him, this of course didn’t go down well with his brothers and to add on to that he was his father’s favourite. Making him a target of their hate, but somewhere along the line he is thrown in to a pit, sold to slavery, tempted by his master’s wife, thrown in to prison.

Being human I’m sure Joseph was thinking surely God will I ever get to be what You have shown me in visions but what Joseph didn’t know is that God was actually preparing him for that which He had promised Him, let us think of this what if he had escaped from that pit or he had fallen in to Portipha’s wife temptation then he wouldn’t have been taken to prison then he would have never met the cupbearer or the baker and interpret their dreams and later on interpret pharaoh’s dream and finally actualising his vision.

All of us have dreams as a children we are often asked “what is your dream this or that?” And we answer what we think is best depending on the time. God doesn’t give you dreams He gives you a vision and the ultimate one being serving Him no matter where you are.

Wherever you are today look to God, in a few years it will matter because it will make sense why God took you through it. God’s vision and desire for you is greater than the biggest dream you’ve ever had don’t lose the vision for the dream.


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