The 10 lepers

Yes we’ve all been there going to God and forgetting to say thank you.
In today’s event a few minutes before the event started I went to a place where I was alone and I prayed for everything to someone next to me it may have been crazy or stupid but God heard me.
Yes there were few hitches here and there but God did come through.
At the end of the fun and happy smiles I almost forgot the orator and the one who made it all possible and that is my God, and just like the nine lepers I went without saying thank you but after a while I had the one leper moment and went back to say thank you.
Being human when in trouble we forget to say thank you to God even for those that we think are simple like waking up in the morning and having what we refer to us an OK day and not a good day.

The same way you feel your spirit is lifted when someone recognizes what you have done and actually appreciate it is the same way our heavenly Father feels the only difference is that just because you forgot to say thank you to Him even for just taking you through the day doesn’t mean He won’t come through when all is well.

So today I say imela to my one and only God Nyasae wanje.


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