Reason for the season

Finding purpose in where God has placed in your current situation, in your pain.
When going through that season when you are having your moment well let me not call it your moment cause clearly it never is; in fact all you want at that time is to have your moment but you are not instead you are in this place where you are confused, lost, and loneliness is your potion. So many people tell you that you need to find yourself or at least go back to yourself but how can you do this you don’t know who you are any more?

In the world of instant coffee instant popcorn i.e. instant everything we barely know the value and lessons learnt during waiting. We live in a generation where we glorify instant success or at least what we see on the surface to be instant success. If you ask a person who has really gone through the process to make it honestly you are likely to find out that there is nothing like instant just lessons, heartbreaks, and learning to pick up yourself from the murky waters.

In your pain, valley, desert, or wherever you are when you feel like nothing makes sense when Daddy Owen’s song “Vanity” makes more sense like never before; it is in that place that you find God, that you learn that God’s grace is actually sufficient, and learn that there is more to life than just the basics or what seems to be stressing you about at that point and time. In the process you learn about patience and waiting on God.

It is actually about the process in the season and not the results. the results is just what people see but you know what God has taken you through and that is why when you break in to dancing and singing for the glory of God others may think that you are crazy but between you and God you know you have more than a million reasons to do so. So as you await your victory dance, sing break into a shout in the hallway instead of sobbing. God heard Hanna when she was praying for a child yet she was misunderstood by many she didn’t care all she knew was God will one day answer

be a blessed to be a blessing to someone else.


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