Chronicles of a worrier…from worrier to warrior

You know one thing we worriers are good at is over planning but on the other hand we are bad risk takers. We tend to over analyse things to the point that by the time we think of taking that risk its time has passed and so the cycle starts now we start worrying about what is the point of it.
Worrying is good that is indisputable but too much worrying is bad; but when you cast your cares with the Lord He will always take care of them so the next time instead of saying “will it work?” Start saying ” I know God will come through.” And that is the catch when God is part of it He will always make work. Are you thinking of starting something why don’t you listen to your gut or better yet consultant God He will always tell you what to do.
Stop telling God about your problems, and start telling your problems (worries) how big Your God is. We serve a big God who is always by our side.
Being free from worry is not an instant thing especially when your heart has been broken over and over again, but it is a process that needs you make your big God part of it.
Who do you want to listen to? The. Voice of truth (voice of God telling you to trust Him) or the voice of your worries?


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