What dealing with acne has taught me about life

For any woman out there having pimples/ acne is the worst thing that can happen well at least to your face especially for women in my age bracket when your skin is supposed to be at its pick in terms of flawlessness.

The Acne was bad but was healing
April, 2015
April, 2015

We are humans and at times our hormones dictate to us and not vice versa well that is what happened to me and I began a long journey towards finding a “cure” though with acne I guess there is never really a cure.
In my bid I tried so many things but all to no avail but finally I found it…. And you won’t imagine what they were, baby soap and apple cider vinegar simple things that are easily accessible plus it saves your wallet a whole lot. How I came to this is a story for another day. Today I want to share about how my way to the “cure” taught me a thing or two about life.
Patience is key: well in my search for a quick fix I ended up trying a whole lot of things which with time made my face worse than it was but coming from my a place where I had almost flawless skin you can understand the need for the dash. With time though I came to learn that sometimes when we want quick results all we are doing is running away from that one thing or person that can give us a much lasting solution rather than a quick fix one He just needs us to be patient that is how God works.

Simplicity: being simply means being you without covering yourself up. Personally I think I am the most anxious you will ever meet but on the outside I can be the best encourager you will meet. When I was looking I was looking for the most expensive which usually most of us think is the best but I came to learn that at times it is not worth it breaking the bank for it only for it to get worse. That is how our God is with us He wants us to come to Him just as we are. I read somewhere that God can deal an honest woman/man just tell Him what you feel in your words He will understand and deal with it.

December, 2015

What works for others: women in our search for the perfect face, the perfect make up, the perfect hair/hair products we usually ask this question to others what did you use? Where can I find it? How much does it cost?
In a nutshell we want what they have forgetting that we are all different and our needs (physical, emotional, or financial) are different.
As we are different God also blesses us differently, He gives us different talents, and our struggles(which He takes us through) are different. Learn to listen to yourself and find those needs that are unique to you and address them, pray about them. As the Bible says in Matthew 6 God already knows what we need even before we ask. Ask Him what you need and not what you want.

February, 2016

What have you learnt from your rather physical situations? Do share


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