We should get angry

You know we as Kenyan don’t know our rights and if we do well we turn a blind eye. For most of us as long as the basics are met we are good but for the  ambitious ones we like to go beyond the basics and think of our future generations unfortunately some of us are too ambitious that we end up becoming smart criminals.
These extra ambitious people are the ones we elect to office hoping that one day they will remember they were just as ambitious as you and I but when the appetite for self becomes greater than appetite to serve then that is where we have a problem leaving those who are looking for basics and the ambitious ones to wallow in a circle of not moving beyond reason being that the extra ambitious one has decided since you are not ambitious enough they will spend your money on themselves.
Last year as much as we made a good laugh of it we saw our taxes being spent on outrageous things with exorbitant prices, I mean we even had a non-casinigenic wheel barrow going for sh. 109,000 I mean that amount can buy a good number of the normal wheel barrows. Now wait a minute we now have a toilet costing sh.11 million now we seriously need to get angry but act on our anger in a good way.
We should get angry and get involved with our budget process after all you are being taxed on everything I mean now your drinking water is also taxed.
We need to get angry and ask questions why the projects initiated, with money set aside for it for a period of time are stalling yet they are still being  funded.
Get angry and vote people who are not too ambitious to rob you off and use the same money to buy you off.
I do agree with Malema the ANC we should stop twitting from our beds expressing our anger instead we should take that one weapon we have (our voice in our right to vote) and fight with it.

Get angry and stand on your word, it starts with you getting angry, asking the right questions and directing that anger to see positive results.


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