Everybody has a role to play

I was reading 1cor 3, and it is about the body of Christ. You see everyone of us has different materials to build this house as the foundation is already laid.
Same as to the body of Christ we do also have a role to play to building our nation in our different capacities yes right now it looks like our foundation is corruption but, that is the negative foundation. When we sing the national anthem we have the foundation there peace, love and unity, that should be our foundation.
In the work place we do have roles as well that is why we have departments in large organizations imagine what would happen if the Human resource manager decided to do the accountants work, that would be a mess depending on her or his passion. My point is if we do what we do building this house whether it is family, school, work, or the nation we already have a foundation what we choose to use to build this house is what will determine our outcome.
1 cor 12


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