It’s none of my business


My favorite meme is the “it’s none of my business” yes something are totally none of my business and personally I wouldn’t careless where a socialite had her drinks last night or where a famous news anchor was spotted but what is and should be my business is the affairs of this country as virtue of being a citizen of this country.
For most people especially the elite  we like adopting the “it’s none of my business” attitude especially when it comes to national issues. In a society that cares more about who Bob Collymore marries rather than knowing where our hard earned  cash goes in taxes but only have a moment of rude awakening when suddenly your shopping bag becomes smaller and smaller yet you spend way more than you did last time you went shopping.

As a norm after the budget reading we will have hours on end sometimes running into weeks of budget analysis after the budget reading but this year it is different politics as usual took center stage. Yes the current political situation in our country needs urgent action but also is the discuss on the cost of living which with every budget seems to be going higher and higher.
When the society becomes a man eat man society then it is very easy to adopt the “none of my business” attitude
So demos are called week after week and people are shot at and killed but it’s none of my business. After all they are their people from that community. it doesn’t matter where the injured or the killed come from this are people in our country, so far our country is crying the health sector is on its knees but it’s none of my business, I don’t go to those hospitals.
So our “leaders” keep on uttering words that make the volatile situation bad but it’s none of my business after all the government will just launch a probe against him and he will walk Scott free but wait it is my business especially if he is from my community and he is speaking on “my behalf”

I don’t know who is being represented who they speak for; certainly not me or you, our “leaders” have one person they represent: them, their interest, and their families and they only represent you when you are a means to an end.

It is time we make it our business. Our business in running the affairs of this country and by that I don’t mean we feed our appetite and forget that years later there generations that are to come who will be affected by our “none of my business” stand. Make it our business by speaking out and telling of our leaders when they are wrong. Make it our business by taking a stand and making a decision.
It may not be your business right now but four generations after you it will be your business because your great grandchildren won’t have anything to look up to .

Not taking a stand is a decision in it self;make it your business and take a stand.


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