The tale of the hustler “begger”

I remember when I was young listening to a song by Daudi kabaka “mulofwa moja”

about a guy who had lied that he was from jail and hadn’t had anything to eat yet he was a free loader with no job…

Now we’ve all met these kind of people well I hope no one has met an ex-con but we’ve had the story of the man/woman who is from Kawangware (I don’t know why it has to be that place) who doesn’t have fare and for some reason they usually have a very sad face and when talking in low tones and sorrowful.

Well the other day I saw someone write a very long post documenting her encounter with two ladies who one “needed some directions to some building but when says she doesn’t know the building or where it is the lady starts to tell a story of how that building has donors who helps out the needy, when she is uncorporative she calls in a third person who apparently knows the place and starts the same story of donors. Well the same thing happened to me years back and I am wondering do people still fall for such. Anyway my cuosity didn’t lead me to find out what would happen if you actually followed them which leads me to ask this question. If you know where the what you are looking for is why are you asking for directions?

We have seen stories of fake beggars who make themselves looking like they actually need our help. When exposed they make those who are actually touched by their plight and drop their coins in their tins feel like they have been exploited such that when we meet a genuine case we have second thoughts making us looking like heartless people who don’t care about our fellow humans.

For all the cons out there stop making the genuine cases look bad find a genuine hustle, I do respect all the hustlers who make us healthier by engaging us in running battles with council Askari’s.

But I don’t blame cons after all they are just trying to make a small contribution to our bandit economy.

If you have been conned before and are looking for a way to detect a con before hand; take heart remember we are conned every five years with promises of a fresh water river in a desert.


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