Plus one today

Over the past twelve months I have learnt a lot about myself, and it is true as life goes so do you choose your path or rather a path is chosen for you by circumstances. Well, along the line I have made some friends and dropped some (okay some were naturally dropped).

If I am to review my year i would say I have changed not physically but i have grown and learnt how to push myself and where I can draw my boundaries. The last year has been with a lot of learning and some patience; I have met people who have taught me about me in ways I never thought I would; I learnt to push myself beyond what I never thought I would. Pushing yourself is good; after all comfort zones don’t shape any characters.

The last twelve months have taught me about the power of prayer and patience; this was the year I made an anonymous prayer request thinking that it was between me, God, and that group but unknown to me this friend of mine who the request was about saw it and later on called me to tell me that God had answered that prayer (for a while I couldn’t connect what it was all about but then I remembered). Look at what God has done.  Still on prayer He also answered one of my longest prayer (I am still learning how to live with that answer, He answered so He will many more concerning this person and the many things to follow, I am still learning to trust in His timing and Him fulfilling those promises.

This month may have not been the best in the year but as long as God is up there, in control, and I am alive; I count it as a blessing and another day to fight, inspire someone, and get inspired.

As a plus one today and going in to the new year my mantra is:

Don’t rush the process instead enjoy the journey

Even with the rough parts of the journey.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!


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