We live by the grace

Have you ever wondered how you made it through one situation to another and a worse one after that,  where you were so weary and thought that the only option you have is to give up. Think of it like this one morning you wake up with a terrible headache you ignore it thinking it is just a headache and with simple pain killers you should be fine but wait an hour goes by and two then the terrible headache starts again you go back to your pain killers this time a stronger doze it does work for that day or even several days to come you move on and life becomes normal again but one day that headache comes back and this time it is so bad you can’t even afford to be in a brightly lit room. At this point you decide to go see a doctor, from the surface everything is okay and you are given painkillers again to help you calm down but as time goes by those painkillers can’t work for you anymore that is when you tell the doctor about your frequent headaches from a while back. He decides to give you an CT scan to tell what exactly is wrong with you.
After a number of tests he comes back to give you the bad news but at the same time tells you there is hope and you can be healed. After a long wait the surgery is done and you go back to normal.

Just like the way you get headaches and try and find remedy in pain killers so are we in every area of our lives we run to friends, family, and most of the time strangers ( we put out our lives and linens out on the internet for everyone to see and give us “expert” advice yet for this unwilling audience all they are looking for is entertainment) but we forget to go see the Doctor that is God until we are pushed so hard not to notice that He was there all that while and all we have to do is reach out to Him and tell Him that we are messed up and we need help.

One of the best words I have ever heard are ” the day you discover your purpose is the day you will start living”. We all go round trying to find purpose and peace in ourlives yet we could have consulted the author and finisher of it all God, don’t just ask what? ask how? In the how we do find the grace.


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