Radisson Blu Nairobi Terence

Stepping into uncharted spaces

If anything so far this year looks like it’s going to be the most life changing of all my years, I thought going through an emotional crisis at 22 and quarter life crisis(for those who don’t know it’s actually a thing and needs a lot of grace getting through it). This time it’s different yes it has something to do with a few crises here and there but mostly it has something to do with exposure to information.

You see like everyone else when the year started I had goals (I don’t like referring to them as resolutions,it makes them short sighted and not a vision) just like everyone else although this time I did something different I wrote them down well it sort of does help cause it helps me not only track them , on where I have gotten, but also keep my money by tracking my spending on those goals that involve money.

This time I did something I set timelines, that’s where the challenge is I set my timelines not consulting God on His timelines for me well not necessarily timelines but what He has install for me, and being human I get frustrated and anxious about how A is going to be; how B is going to workout. Quite tiresome I tell you but that is where the grace of God reminds me that “hey you, you are not in this alone. I am here to hold your hand even if you can’t see me or think that I am. ”

The other day I was going through my twitter account @mikalasiko but went through my profile with a keen eye and I had written “ about getting out of the comfort zone” then I thought to myself that I have been comfortable so much so that I can’t see beyond what was before me. I want to achieve so much but I can’t by seating at my comfort zone.

So during one of the sessions at the Kuza Biashara Social Media and Digital Marketing Program, an idea was born; actually it was during the mentor ship session by Sri Bharatam(if you are an avid business daily reader you must have read his articles)  talking about goals. I shared this with my friend who I know is would be interested so we decided to start working towards it. So help us God, and besides I don’t think things just happen God puts them in your way so I know He will make a way for us.


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