I Cheated

We all value trust be it with our partners, children, parents, or clients. We do most of the time cheat our diet, and the worst we cheat our confidence. We all hate being cheated on and I recently learnt the hard way that cheating is a very costly affair.

So this is my cheating story rather stories: so last year I wanted to make a garment for myself, and i didn’t want the normal designs thanks to Pinterest I got a million ideas. I selected what I would like, went to dream land pictured how I would look like in this jumpsuit anyway i had to switch from dream land to reality so i hit the ground searching for a tailor who will deliver beyond my expectations. I did have a tailor I have worked with for quite a while but since i needed change I started looking for a different one.

As usual i turned to my Facebook page went clicked on search, didn’t get any nice results so I turned to the next best search options Facebook groups that i a member of. I came across this one guy i could tell from the pictures that he does an excellent job so i got the contact and we started talking and made arrangements on how I will deliver the fabric, sent the pictures of my desired design, and eventually agreed on the price which was not bad. Now you now your girl loves a good bargain and i thought for a jumpsuit sh. 1000 is more than a bargain.

Fast forward a few days later i took the fabric to the shop and agreed on the date i will come for a fitting and mending just in case there is need for any changes. Please note i took the fabric to him a month before the agreed date of collection/fitting. Anyway i paid the deposit and agreed on the collection date. Off  I went knowing that my fabric and desired design were in safe hands and all I have to worry about is if it will fit.

This is what I expected to get but you; source Pinterest

On Sunday before I collect my jumpsuit on Wednesday of the same week i get in touch; shock on me he had not even touched it I asked if it will be ready by Wednesday for me to collect it. Anyway since i like to give people chances I let it go and trusted him that it will be ready. Come Wednesday I call him informing him that i will be late arriving at the shop he says nothing. I finally make it to the shop to my disappointment he is not there and the shop attendants inform me that he has not even started working on it; i call him telling him that i will pass by on Thursday to pick it up. Anyway fast forward on Friday night at 11:00 pm is when i get my jumpsuit I can’t fit it but i did when i got home. That is where i noted that it had been done wrongly; i had to wear it with a coat at all times because i had to tear the zipper and it got torn on my hip.

Anyway I learnt the hard way not everyone is honest with their reviews and no matter what your previous supplier had done to you at times it is best to stick with them. What may look like the better option may end up being your worst option.

Keep it here for the next story of “I Cheated” and oh I ended up going back to my previous tailor at least with him; now he does not want any more turn trams from either me or my friends.


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