Pay attention to the Pain in Your abdomen

A few days ago I met a lady from who was dropping off Red Moroccan clay for me. She was curious to know why I wanted the clay; I simply told her that the clays are the only things that worked for me when i had a serious breakout some years back. Find out why here.What dealing with acne has taught me about life. She later on made a comment “Women we have so many issues” those issues are part of my discussion on the blog today.

For women a lot that manifest itself on our face is most of the time has something to do with our reproductive health. Though not an expert I am going to talk about three of them; ovarian cyst, endometriosis, and ectopic pregnancies.

ovarian cysts

An ovarian cysts is a fluid filled sac that occurs on a woman’s ovary. In most cases they are harmless and occur and clear without being noticed however, at times they watch the video below for information about cysts, the symptoms, and treatment

Recently, a friend of mine experienced the same only that her symptoms were quite different. She had put on a bit of weight, and had a sharp pain on her lower abdomen. After seeing a doctor she was advised to go for a scan which revealed that she had a cyst which was quite big. For anyone who had a cyst probably has been advised to be put on either hormonal therapy or be given birth control pills. By the way this too does not discriminate even adolescents can be affected, personally I wonder how they cope especially with the association we have with the birth control pills. Lucky she was treated for it though the cyst did burst just after diagnosis.


well this is a heavy one I actually know someone who was going through this and I think most of us know someone who has experienced this. You see as a woman you are supposed to brave everything your period throws at you be it the pain, the fainting spells, or being unable to function normally during your menses. In fact most are frowned upon when they have their menses and say that they have to take some pain killers because they cannot bare the pain. Most of us have heard the phrase “Hiyo ni kuwa mwanamke” (that is part of being a woman). We take it so casually that it has become a norm but what we do not know is that there is a serious health issue beneath it that needs to be addressed.

the video below is a show in Victoria’s Lounge where the women are talking about their experience with endometriosis and how they are managing it. I am sure some of us who experience painful period we have heard that the pain will end once we have our first child or that pain is nothing compared to labour pains. Well here is the thing according to one of the guests of the show that is not the answer; childbirth is not a pill that you take and the you are healed in fact you say goodbye to your pain for the rest of your life.

Ectopic pregnancy

The first time i came across this term i was in high school during biology class. Two years down the line i read a story of a lady who had gone through tubal pregnancy, having surgery, and even being told that her chances of conceiving are slim but against all odds she did conceive again. Two months ago someone i know lost her life to ectopic pregnancy. The sad thing about ectopic pregnancy for most people when it is discovered some do not even know they were expectant in the first place. For some they do find out that they are expectant but may find out too late that the blessing they are so much looking forward to bringing in the world is a risk to both of them and may not live to see it. The number of ectopic pregnancies is on an all time high  (Up to a third of conceptions).

The other day I came across a post on Facebook “warning” young ladies to shy away from morning after pills as the rise is attributed to the use or misuse of birth control pills. The causes or the chances of them recurring is not known but there are some factors that are considered to drive them. The video below will explain further on the causes, symptoms, and the measures taken once diagnosed with it.


Clearly as women we have a lot of reproductive “issues” but we can start addressing them once we are aware of them and probably save a life or our own. The ones I have touched on are just a few but are becoming quite common.

The pain in your abdomen could be a warning sign of something more serious pay attention to it before it is too late.



Happy reading and I hope you will be more enlightened-


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