Your Choices My consequences

It’s that of the year again when a job has been advertised, and you as a politician over the next few months will present yourself for an interview to me putting your best foot forward to make sure that you become the candidate of choice.

In the process you will use all means possible, including bribery and slandering your fellow interviewees to get the job.

At that moment I will feel like a king and not a subject of a kingdom… While at it you will tell me why you are best suited for the job, I will listen to you keenly or in passing full of hope that soon my company is looking forward to a better future.

Come August 8th I will have to decide among you who will watchover my company best even at that point you will still want to influence my decision. I choose you, and after sometime someone will communicate to you that the job is yours. Even before your given your letter of appointment both of us will forget the job description,soon we will both forget who employed who and I will be at your mercy for the next five years, in those years I will watch as you destroy my company and stealing from me right under my nose… You will claim its your right and you deserve it but let me ask you when you asked for the job you promised to honor the contract and abide by it’s rules, but what will you do time after time you will be busy bending those rules rewriting them to make sure that they suit you…then after five years when the contract will come to an end and after that the process will start all over again but the question is who will be laughing all the way to the bank, who will sleep more soundly? Will it be me, the voter who decided that you deserve that job or regret that I even thought of giving you a chance even going to the extent of advocating to my fellow employees that you are more deserving. Will you sleep more soundly knowing that you have delivered what you promised or will you be anxious to know that your contract with me is coming to an end, you have delivered barely 10% of the promises, and no I will not even think of having you back and take the risk of sinking with you.

To my fellow employers/ voters whether you are team tano tena or team vindu vichenjanga or team independent choose peace before we entrust our best to these employees.

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