Pay attention to the Pain in Your abdomen

A few days ago I met a lady from who was dropping off Red Moroccan clay for me. She was curious to know why I wanted the clay; I simply told her that the clays are the only things that worked for me when i had a serious breakout some years back. Find out why… Continue reading Pay attention to the Pain in Your abdomen


What dealing with acne has taught me about life

For any woman out there having pimples/ acne is the worst thing that can happen well at least to your face especially for women in my age bracket when your skin is supposed to be at its pick in terms of flawlessness. We are humans and at times our hormones dictate to us and not… Continue reading What dealing with acne has taught me about life

Being judged by the colour of your skin

We've always known that black people have suffered the greatest form of racism in history; this has made many of us and some celebrities to go to the extent of bleaching themselves to become more beautiful and acceptable. We all know the sad story of Micheal Jackson(May God rest his soul) and how he started… Continue reading Being judged by the colour of your skin

Working from inside out (60 days later)

The journey continues but like any other journey there are hitches that is what happened to me in my 30 days journey. There are no easy results but despite everything we've got to keep moving. First I was sick for a week so I had to stop working out for that week; going back to… Continue reading Working from inside out (60 days later)

Working from inside out(30 days later)

Every journey starts with a single step well mine started with a weighing scale. One day I decide let me face my fears that I'm losing weight at rather an alarming rate, so yes my fears were confirmed I had cut down some kilos since I last weighed but my BMI was within range although… Continue reading Working from inside out(30 days later)

Owning and appreciating Our productions

While I do appreciate the growing and thriving African entertainment industry; especially the film industry. I still got some qualms about some of the content being aired... yes they are African but we do not own them; I mean they are produced and the cast is African to some extent but not the concept. what… Continue reading Owning and appreciating Our productions

My Beloved Africa

  I hear they say things about you bad, sad things, My Beloved Africa things that bring tears to my eyes; why do they keep on saying that about the place I call Home? They say that you are backward, they call you the dark continent; all I hear them say is your children are… Continue reading My Beloved Africa