Your Choices My consequences

It's that of the year again when a job has been advertised, and you as a politician over the next few months will present yourself for an interview to me putting your best foot forward to make sure that you become the candidate of choice. In the process you will use all means possible, including… Continue reading Your Choices My consequences


I Cheated

We all value trust be it with our partners, children, parents, or clients. We do most of the time cheat our diet, and the worst we cheat our confidence. We all hate being cheated on and I recently learnt the hard way that cheating is a very costly affair. So this is my cheating story… Continue reading I Cheated

Stepping into uncharted spaces

Radisson Blu Nairobi Terence

If anything so far this year looks like it’s going to be the most life changing of all my years, I thought going through an emotional crisis at 22 and quarter life crisis(for those who don't know it's actually a thing and needs a lot of grace getting through it). This time it's different yes… Continue reading Stepping into uncharted spaces

It’s none of my business

My favorite meme is the "it's none of my business" yes something are totally none of my business and personally I wouldn't careless where a socialite had her drinks last night or where a famous news anchor was spotted but what is and should be my business is the affairs of this country as virtue… Continue reading It’s none of my business

Everybody has a role to play

I was reading 1cor 3, and it is about the body of Christ. You see everyone of us has different materials to build this house as the foundation is already laid. Same as to the body of Christ we do also have a role to play to building our nation in our different capacities yes… Continue reading Everybody has a role to play

We should get angry

You know we as Kenyan don't know our rights and if we do well we turn a blind eye. For most of us as long as the basics are met we are good but for the  ambitious ones we like to go beyond the basics and think of our future generations unfortunately some of us… Continue reading We should get angry

What dealing with acne has taught me about life

For any woman out there having pimples/ acne is the worst thing that can happen well at least to your face especially for women in my age bracket when your skin is supposed to be at its pick in terms of flawlessness. We are humans and at times our hormones dictate to us and not… Continue reading What dealing with acne has taught me about life

FIBROIDS. ‘Nasty black bubbles ready to destroy’. By Ms.Masero.

Your Health is your wealth guard it with all you have.

Msmasero's Blog.

Ladies, taking care of your health is part of grooming your image. Do you go for regular health check ups? When was the last time you visited a gynaecologist?


It is up to you to take charge of your health by scheduling regular checkups with your gynaecologist every six months. Going to see a gynaecologist simply means you are taking full responsibility of your body as a woman.

I believe fibroids are just but ….’Nasty Black Bubbles Ready to Destroy’.

Fibroids are non cancerous (benign)tumors that grow from the muscle layers of the uterus.
They are smooth muscle growths and fibrous tissues that are usually found in the wall of the uterus or womb.
Fibroids vary in size. They can be as small as a grape seed or as big as a cabbage. Uterine fibroids may be referred to as myoma or fibromyoma.

Fibroids can grow in…

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