I Cheated

We all value trust be it with our partners, children, parents, or clients. We do most of the time cheat our diet, and the worst we cheat our confidence. We all hate being cheated on and I recently learnt the hard way that cheating is a very costly affair. So this is my cheating story… Continue reading I Cheated


Pretend Less, Read More

Need I say more?

The History Woman's Blog

nerd-glassesSince being a nerd has become cool I don’t like it any more. Big glasses are no longer the indicator of a visual impairment caused by too much reading, and pasty skin is less likely caused by long hours spent in libraries, archives or labs. It’s more likely the result of an overpriced holiday in Finland and cleverly applied make-up.

It is now socially acceptable, even hip, to be seen sitting by yourself in a murky café reading Camus. It is even more so if you’re wearing a baggy jumper you found in a charity shop, while frantically scribbling notes into your Moleskin notebook or are indeed staring into your MacBook. Not even questionable personal hygiene or unkempt hair are a safe indicator that the person next to you is a borderline genius.

On the other hand, real nerds are now heading to the gym to fight the pen pusher’s…

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12 Rituals Happy, Successful People Practice Every Day

I guess there are no exact rules on how to live that is life doesn't come with a manual. I found this post while reading over the weekend and I was quite inspired; hope you will too and that is why I am sharing it with you   Practical Tips for Productive Livingpost written by:… Continue reading 12 Rituals Happy, Successful People Practice Every Day

Owning and appreciating Our productions

While I do appreciate the growing and thriving African entertainment industry; especially the film industry. I still got some qualms about some of the content being aired... yes they are African but we do not own them; I mean they are produced and the cast is African to some extent but not the concept. what… Continue reading Owning and appreciating Our productions

Be an Inspiration

What is your inspiration? What inspires you? Where do you get your inspiration from? Common questions you may find interviewers asking their interviewees; who are likely to be artist, whether it is a musician, a chef, a photographer, an architect, a writer, a fashion designer or any other artist... this is an important question as… Continue reading Be an Inspiration

our culture… Is it worth it?

We have heard about them on radio, we have watched them on TV, and read their stories on print and online media. They could have been us, our mums, our sisters, our friends, or our daughters. I am talking about female genital mutilation and the practice of early marriage . some  are lucky enough to… Continue reading our culture… Is it worth it?

What if Kenya had a Family Reality TV show?

We've watched many reality TV shows especially Americans. Personally i am a sucker for such... I mean we've tried keeping up with the Kardashians, tried to learn from the Braxton family values, see how Tia and Tamera still keep their relationship despite having their lives, and what used to be one of my favorites T.I… Continue reading What if Kenya had a Family Reality TV show?