Stepping into uncharted spaces

Radisson Blu Nairobi Terence

If anything so far this year looks like it’s going to be the most life changing of all my years, I thought going through an emotional crisis at 22 and quarter life crisis(for those who don't know it's actually a thing and needs a lot of grace getting through it). This time it's different yes… Continue reading Stepping into uncharted spaces


Good employee engagement= Good customer service

For any company or business to survive it needs to have good customer service whether you are a manufacturing company, a supplier or simply service provider. Do you, as a manager or business owner stop to think about the most important people in your company apart from your customers or consumers and how you impact… Continue reading Good employee engagement= Good customer service

I am your customer please serve me

You must be wondering why I am saying please yet it is my right to be served; I shouldn't be pleading for service that I have paid for or subscribed to; at times before you subscribe or buy the product a lot of persuasion is involved in making you buy whatever is being sold; whether… Continue reading I am your customer please serve me