My Beloved Africa

  I hear they say things about you bad, sad things, My Beloved Africa things that bring tears to my eyes; why do they keep on saying that about the place I call Home? They say that you are backward, they call you the dark continent; all I hear them say is your children are… Continue reading My Beloved Africa


our culture… Is it worth it?

We have heard about them on radio, we have watched them on TV, and read their stories on print and online media. They could have been us, our mums, our sisters, our friends, or our daughters. I am talking about female genital mutilation and the practice of early marriage . some  are lucky enough to… Continue reading our culture… Is it worth it?

Know Your Culture

To Start let me ask you: how much do you know about your culture or how well do you know your culture? Culture goes beyond our knowledge of the language that is just one part of it, to understand a culture you need to understand their way of life, their food, music, sport, and many… Continue reading Know Your Culture