I Cheated

We all value trust be it with our partners, children, parents, or clients. We do most of the time cheat our diet, and the worst we cheat our confidence. We all hate being cheated on and I recently learnt the hard way that cheating is a very costly affair. So this is my cheating story… Continue reading I Cheated


Owning and appreciating Our productions

While I do appreciate the growing and thriving African entertainment industry; especially the film industry. I still got some qualms about some of the content being aired... yes they are African but we do not own them; I mean they are produced and the cast is African to some extent but not the concept. what… Continue reading Owning and appreciating Our productions

My Beloved Africa

  I hear they say things about you bad, sad things, My Beloved Africa things that bring tears to my eyes; why do they keep on saying that about the place I call Home? They say that you are backward, they call you the dark continent; all I hear them say is your children are… Continue reading My Beloved Africa

The Hottest New Color? It’s Purple!


Spring 2014 is all about color — and the hottest color is purple! From red carpet looks to beauty trends, the color is everywhere this spring. We can’t wait to try the color as a makeup color and as a clothing option.


The latest color trend in beauty is definitely purple lipstick. Celebrities like teenage-singer Lorde, actress Camilla Belle and actress Hilary Duff have already rocked the lip on the carpet. These celebrities prove that purple doesn’t come in one shade or style. Lorde wears a lot of dark colored clothing, so she sports a deep lip. Camilla is high fashion and therefore wears a berry purple tint. Hilary is modern so she styles blazers and sleek skirts with a maroon lipstick that we totally love.


Purple hair, don’t care! locks are one of our favorite ways to rock the spring 2014 color trend. We’ve seen pink and…

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