We live by the grace

Have you ever wondered how you made it through one situation to another and a worse one after that,  where you were so weary and thought that the only option you have is to give up. Think of it like this one morning you wake up with a terrible headache you ignore it thinking it… Continue reading We live by the grace


Plus one today

Over the past twelve months I have learnt a lot about myself, and it is true as life goes so do you choose your path or rather a path is chosen for you by circumstances. Well, along the line I have made some friends and dropped some (okay some were naturally dropped). If I am… Continue reading Plus one today

Everybody has a role to play

I was reading 1cor 3, and it is about the body of Christ. You see everyone of us has different materials to build this house as the foundation is already laid. Same as to the body of Christ we do also have a role to play to building our nation in our different capacities yes… Continue reading Everybody has a role to play

Chronicles of a worrier…from worrier to warrior

You know one thing we worriers are good at is over planning but on the other hand we are bad risk takers. We tend to over analyse things to the point that by the time we think of taking that risk its time has passed and so the cycle starts now we start worrying about… Continue reading Chronicles of a worrier…from worrier to warrior

Chronicles of a Worrier

I consider myself the best worrier in the world. One minute i will be there telling someone things will work out, pray with them, assuring them to Let go and Let God, yet at the same time I will be worrying asking God why ABC is taking too long. So for the past few days… Continue reading Chronicles of a Worrier

Reason for the season

Finding purpose in where God has placed in your current situation, in your pain. When going through that season when you are having your moment well let me not call it your moment cause clearly it never is; in fact all you want at that time is to have your moment but you are not… Continue reading Reason for the season

Do not lose sight of the greater vision for the big dream

As humans beings we tend to worry to much about the future OK not really we worry about the next day or next week or the next year. So many times I have heard this phrase "is what you are going through going to matter in the next few years?" While in our moment of… Continue reading Do not lose sight of the greater vision for the big dream

Are you a Ruth or a Naomi?

Over the past few days I have been going through the book of Ruth and this time not just reading it as another passage in the Bible. I wanted to understand why God had to share their story with us and what He is trying teach us today. First we meet Naomi and her family who leave… Continue reading Are you a Ruth or a Naomi?