We live by the grace

Have you ever wondered how you made it through one situation to another and a worse one after that,  where you were so weary and thought that the only option you have is to give up. Think of it like this one morning you wake up with a terrible headache you ignore it thinking it… Continue reading We live by the grace


Beauty lies in the kitchen

I’ve have so far heard these two infamous quotes about beauty: Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (or the comical version Beauty lies in the eye of the beer holder) and one I came across recently abs are made in the kitchen. Well what that simply means that what you eat or ingest… Continue reading Beauty lies in the kitchen

Working from inside out(30 days later)

Every journey starts with a single step well mine started with a weighing scale. One day I decide let me face my fears that I'm losing weight at rather an alarming rate, so yes my fears were confirmed I had cut down some kilos since I last weighed but my BMI was within range although… Continue reading Working from inside out(30 days later)

our culture… Is it worth it?

We have heard about them on radio, we have watched them on TV, and read their stories on print and online media. They could have been us, our mums, our sisters, our friends, or our daughters. I am talking about female genital mutilation and the practice of early marriage . some  are lucky enough to… Continue reading our culture… Is it worth it?