I want Results!!!


We all love to finished products, I guess that is why we have instant coffee, instant tea, and food sold in the supermarket just pick and go, but are we ready to go through the process?

I love it when I have a new hair do I mean I can’t stand bad hair days on bad hair days I still improvise ways of keeping it look as good. I love it better when I have had a retouch or flat ironed but when I think about the time I have to spend in the salon and the heat that I have to persevere I get shivers. Most of the time when I can I try to avoid the heat or sometimes try and “protect” my hair from the heat by applying  hair lotion before blow drying it or letting it dry before blow drying it. At times I have to withstand the heat if I want it set or wrapped… for anyone who has been under a drier knows that at some point the heat becomes unbearable  especially if you have to stay on a few minutes longer than expected because your hair isn’t drying.

The same way some women have to withstand the heat and be patient to look good at the end; we too do have to go through the heat and be patient. sometimes we do get to go round it and have people support us through it. At times we have to endure the heat; I can’t have a flat iron when my hair is not completely dry (unless I want to go bald) sometimes to do that I have to blow dry it and flat iron it.

Results can’t just come we have to go after them, run after them; sometimes the run seems not to be having a finish line but with every stride you are making you are getting their, so be patient. Washing my hair is a step towards having the great look that I want to achieve but I cannot just sit there and expect it to dry and look good by itself, unless  I have a lot of time on my hands to waste I have nothing else to do or I want to keep it that way, being an African relaxed hair I know that is next to impossible unless I want to have a fight with my hair every time I come once fresh growth sets in.

Part of the process to getting results is going through “heat” each stage has different kinds of heat, the heat may be heat from a stove, an oven, and sometimes a furnace. while going through this “heat” think about the person coming out than the person going in. While going through the process be careful of the decisions that you make; the heat my be too much but if you want good results being rational is of help… while at it take risks from the risks you’ll know what works best and what doesn’t  and in the end you will get the result that you want.

do not forget to involve God in your journey to getting your results; He knows what is best especially when the heat is too much and you want out.

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